(Last Updated On: February 6, 2019)

The majors are down -2.21% in aggregate since yesterday, on a market cap weighted basis. On an individual basis, all the majors were down as well, with the worst performer being Litecoin which was down -4.64%. Momentum is a bit mixed across the majors, with 6 cryptocurrencies below their 20 day moving average and 1 above. Litecoin has the most bullish momentum, as it is currently 0.99% above its 20 day moving average, while Stellar is at the opposite end; it’s 19.78% below its 20 day SMA. For momentum and technical traders, we should note that Bitcoin and EOS and Litecoin are very close to their 20 SMA. Today’s featured charts are of Litecoin and Bitcoin, the best and worst performers over the past day.

Yesterday’s top Ethereum tokens: signals, immvrse-token, cryptoharbor, uchain. Their returns, in order, are 1615.68%, 898.42%, 771.96%, 617.74%. Here’s a chart of the top four performers since yesterday, and their performance over time.

In terms of the advance/decline ratio, our index of 1085 Ethereum tokens had 250 in the green for the day and 826 down for the day. Here’s a chart showing the advance/decline ratio of our Ethereum token index over time.