(Last Updated On: December 18, 2018)

Crypto majors, in aggregate, are up 1.86% on a market cap weighted basis since yesterday. All the individual crypto majors were up, with the biggest outperformer being EOS, which was up 9.8%, while Litecoin brought up the rear but was still up 0.41% day over day. Momentum is a bit mixed across the majors, with 4 cryptocurrencies below their 20 day moving average and 3 above. EOS has the most bullish momentum, as it is currently 119.29% above its 20 day moving average, while Bitcoin Cash is at the opposite end; it’s 70.8% below its 20 day SMA. Below are charts of Litecoin and EOS , the best and worst performers since yesterday.

The top performing Ethereum tokens over the past day were postoken, cruisebit, coinnec, kanadecoin. Their returns in order: 297120.58%, 4999.91%, 651.28%, 270.75%. If we consider just tokens with a market cap of $1M USD or more, the top performer was cruisebit. Here’s a chart of the top four performers since yesterday, and their performance over time.

In terms of the up/down ratio, out of the 914 Ethereum tokens in our index, 335 were up and 577 were down for the day. Here’s a chart showing the advance/decline ratio of our Ethereum token index over time.