(Last Updated On: December 13, 2018)

The majors are down -1.01% in aggregate since yesterday, on a market cap weighted basis. On an individual basis Bitcoin Cash was down -1.95% while Ethereum was up 0.21%. Volume into crypto majors was also down for each one of them. Here’s a look at Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum — the currencies out of the crypto majors that had the best and worst performance since yesterday.

Yesterday’s top Ethereum tokens: euphoria, javascript-token, tronclassic, lucyd. Their returns, in order, are 296.03%, 200.91%, 125.14%, 113.42%. But some of those tokens were quite small. If we look at just tokens with a market cap of $1MM or more, the top performer was tronclassic coming in at 125.14%. Here’s a chart of the top four performers since yesterday, and their performance over time.

In terms of the advance/decline ratio, our index of 909 Ethereum tokens had 264 in the green for the day and 644 down for the day. Here’s a chart showing the advance/decline ratio of our Ethereum token index over time.