(Last Updated On: February 15, 2019)


Keywords and tags that could be used to describe Lordless: bounty, rewards, complete, fantasy, game, hunters, play, reap, recruit, rule, send.

Here are links to help you learn more about the token: Blog, Github, Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, Whitepaper.

Price Action

A bull trend appears to be in motion, at least over the past 20 days, though we’d like to see a bit more data before drawing a strong conclusion. Lordless has a market capitalization of approximately 69.35 thousand US dollars. That’s small relative to the Ethereum tokens SixJupiter tracks. In terms of volatility, it’s relatively highly volatile, so be cautious.

Where to trade Lordless (symbol: LESS): DDEX


Lordless currently has approximately 4114 wallets, with the average weekly growth rate in number of wallets being 0.08% for each week over the past 4 weeks. As for transactions, the weekly growth rate there has been about 1.92%. In sum, Lordless has an above average growth rate in terms of transactions, but its wallet growth rate is fairly average. This may suggest a user base that is more engaged than what most other tokens experience.

Dilution Risk

The current available supply for Lordless is 31.11 million, while the total supply is 1 billion. This means just 3.11% of Lordless’s total supply, as currently defined, has been made public. Only about 9.53% of tokens with a similar market capitalization have a larger percentage of their total currency unavailable. There are some peculiarities in the growth rates of Lordless’s available supply and current supply over the past four weeks. Further investigation is needed before an analysis can be provided.

Twitter Insights

Unfortunately, we were not able to access the Twitter of this token, so we do not have any insight into the size and nature of its social media following.

Where to Buy

You can trade Lordless, listed under the symbol LESS, through the following exchanges: DDEX.