(Last Updated On: February 15, 2019)


Sorry, we don’t have a description of the operating model behind this token at this time. We are working on it and will have a summary shortly.

Here are links to help you learn more about the token: Blog, Github, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Whitepaper, Bitcointalk.

Price Action

The 50 day trend is still upwards, but price has declined in more recent times, and is now below the 20 day moving average. From that perspective, Holotoken could be at a make or break moment regarding its upwards trend. Holotoken has a market capitalization of approximately 209.5 million US dollars. That’s medium-sized relative to the Ethereum tokens SixJupiter tracks. In terms of volatility, it’s relatively more volatile than most tokens of a similar market capitalization, so make sure you are emotionally ready for that. 🙂

Where to trade Holotoken (symbol: HOT): Gate, Yobit, Binance, DDEX


Unfortunately, we do not yet have historical blockchain data regarding this token, so we have not yet compiled an analysis of its engagement levels. We will update this report accordingly when we have ingested that data.

Dilution Risk

The current available supply for Holotoken is 177.62 billion, while the total supply is 177.62 billion. This means 100% of Holotoken’s total supply, as currently defined, has been made public. To help put that in perspective, about 75% of tokens in the SixJupiter Index with a similar market capitalization have a larger percentage of their total currency unavailable. Both Holotoken’s available supply and total supply have increased over steadily over the past four weeks, but its available supply is growing much faster than its total supply — so the dilution risk has been declining.

Twitter Insights

Holotoken has 17804 followers on Twitter. About 0.07% of its followers are verified, and about 3.43% are estimated to be investors. The token’s Twitter follower count is roughly in line with the averages to be expected of tokens with a market capitalization similar to Holotoken, but the estimated percent of followers that are investors is above average while the percent of followers verified on Twitter is below average. This might suggest a follower base that has not yet earned much in the form of conventional influential users, but has been successful in courting some speculators?

Where to Buy

You can trade Holotoken, listed under the symbol HOT, through the following exchanges: Gate, Yobit, Binance, DDEX.