(Last Updated On: December 18, 2018)

Basic Information

Address 0x05f4a42e251f2d52b8ed15e9fedaacfcef1fad27
Twitter Handle zilliqa
Rate (in USD) 0.0128286763
Market Cap (in USD) 103390625


Zilliqa is a new high-throughput blockchain platform that is designed to scale in an open, permissionless distributed network securely. In the most recent experiments, the Zilliqa private testnet network recorded a peak throughput of 2,488 transactions with 3,600 nodes. The underlying technology that makes Zilliqa scale is that of sharding — dividing the mining network into smaller groups called shards, each capable of processing transactions in parallel. In fact, the throughput in Zilliqa increases as the network expands which makes Zilliqa truly scalable.

White Paper – Key Points

Not Available

Supply Analysis

Estimated Available Supply 8059336954
Total Supply 12599999804
Dilution Factor 0.639629926933926
Pct of Total Supply in Large NBNI-1 Wallets 0.438895620869737
Pct of Total Supply in Large Anon Wallets 0.799265693969984
Pct of Total Supply in Large ID Wallets 0.167529935725719

Correlation Metrics

Ethereum Correlation 0.183385100988879
Bitcoin Correlation 0.919152659127515

Twitter Metrics

Follower Count 53737
Verified Follower Pct 0.0013599274705349
Investor Follower Pct 0.0310894530069507
Avg Follower/Friend Ratio 1.66954103367162
Avg List Count 7.01171048655183