(Last Updated On: December 16, 2018)

Basic Information

Address 0xb97048628db6b661d4c2aa833e95dbe1a905b280
Twitter Handle tenxwallet
Rate (in USD) 0.3511696488
Market Cap (in USD) 40155498


TenX connects your blockchain assets for everyday use. TenX’s debit card and banking licence will allow us to be a hub for the blockchain ecosystem to connect for real-world use cases.

White Paper – Key Points

Not Available

Supply Analysis

Estimated Available Supply 114347861
Total Supply 205218255
Dilution Factor 0.557201214872429
Pct of Total Supply in Large NBNI-1 Wallets 0.606278684874096
Pct of Total Supply in Large Anon Wallets 0.706278685336325
Pct of Total Supply in Large ID Wallets 0.199317967783197

Correlation Metrics

Ethereum Correlation 0.130023620689627
Bitcoin Correlation 0.90703722956165

Twitter Metrics

Follower Count 115570
Verified Follower Pct 0.000814388688660937
Investor Follower Pct 0.0241197671194899
Avg Follower/Friend Ratio 0.987658296907217
Avg List Count 6.25556210146936