(Last Updated On: December 18, 2018)

Basic Information

Address 0x40395044ac3c0c57051906da938b54bd6557f212
Twitter Handle Mobilegooff
Rate (in USD) 0.3200762742
Market Cap (in USD) 32007184


MobileGo (MGO) is a smart token set to herald a new era in the gaming industry. It is intended to gamify the Esport platform and incentivize gamers for loyalty and participation through rewards. Also, we are continuously working on expanding our geographical presence, forming new partnerships with world’s top gaming companies. Our ultimate goal is to make MGO a truly global token, traversing geographical borders and making games available to everyone.

The MGO token has an extremely broad scope of application, providing numerous benefits for different populations. For gamers, it will facilitate peer-to-peer matchplay and decentralized tournaments, serving both as a match reward and an entrance fee. Moreover, token holders will be able to earn additional discounts for purchasing in-game content.

Game publishers can get paid in MGO, which has different advantages over fiat money, including the speed of processing payment requests. For crypto enthusiasts, it is an extremely valuable investment: With a $50 billion mobile market and around 1K games being registered on platforms like Google Play and Apple every day, acquiring just a fraction of market penetration results in large revenues.

White Paper – Key Points

  • gamecredits gaming store and mobile platform current screenshots of gamecredits mobile store: this mobile platform currently has over 300 games from 150 developers scheduled for its initial launch.
  • mobilego tokens can be purchased with btc, eth, waves, and game.
  • the more gamers that use the gamecredits mobile platform the more gamecredits should be purchased and spent in games.
  • purchase of mgo from the mobilego.io website mobilego foundation will maintain a store interface, which can be used to purchase mgo.
  • mobilego foundation will not purchase mgo during initial sale mobilego foundation warrants that it will not purchase mgo in its own sale.
  • the purchaser further specifically acknowledges that mobilego foundation parties are not liable for the conduct of third parties, including other purchasers of mgo, and that the risk of purchasing mgo rests entirely with the purchaser.

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    Supply Analysis

    Estimated Available Supply 99998615
    Total Supply 100000000
    Dilution Factor 0.99998615
    Pct of Total Supply in Large NBNI-1 Wallets 0.705455526335722
    Pct of Total Supply in Large Anon Wallets 0.935936166335722
    Pct of Total Supply in Large ID Wallets 0.0366010198848295

    Correlation Metrics

    Ethereum Correlation 0.201028602548811
    Bitcoin Correlation -0.0197392280696833

    Twitter Metrics

    Follower Count 6597
    Investor Follower Pct 0.0046583850931677
    Avg Follower/Friend Ratio 1.11837201810016
    Avg List Count 2.76708074534162