(Last Updated On: December 20, 2018)

Basic Information

Address 0xba2184520a1cc49a6159c57e61e1844e085615b6
Twitter Handle foundationhg
Rate (in USD) 0.0021637497
Market Cap (in USD) 569141


HelloGold gives you access to investment grade gold, via our mobile app, anywhere, anytime from as low as RM1 per transaction. Our product adheres to the highest international standards and security levels. It’s a fast and secure way for you to buy gold online.

White Paper – Key Points

Not Available

Supply Analysis

Estimated Available Supply 263034654
Total Supply 1000000000
Dilution Factor 0.263034654
Pct of Total Supply in Large NBNI-1 Wallets 0.239060494207
Pct of Total Supply in Large Anon Wallets 0.267887054117
Pct of Total Supply in Large ID Wallets 0.721894508396099

Correlation Metrics

Ethereum Correlation -0.178250441648297
Bitcoin Correlation 0.729343118533597

Twitter Metrics

Follower Count 9901
Verified Follower Pct 0.000618174325159695
Investor Follower Pct 0.0129816608283536
Avg Follower/Friend Ratio 0.680729496374416
Avg List Count 6.75520296723676