(Last Updated On: December 18, 2018)

Basic Information

Address 0x0d8775f648430679a709e98d2b0cb6250d2887ef
Twitter Handle AttentionToken
Rate (in USD) 0.1302413998
Market Cap (in USD) 158620882


Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an ERC20 token built on top of Ethereum It launched its crowdsale in May 2017 which saw the tokens fully subscribed and raised $35 million in 30 seconds. The Basic Attention Token aims to fix digital advertising, which is broken, fraudulent and opaque.

Basic Attention Token work by having advertisers pay BAT to website publishers for the attention of users. Users will also receive BAT from the advertisements that is being served to them. By using the blockchain, digital advertising will be more transparent.

Basic Attention Token is created by the team that built the Brave browser, an open-source, privacy-focused browser that blocks ads and trackers. The browser measures user attention and rewards publishers for users attention.

White Paper – Key Points

Not Available

Supply Analysis

Estimated Available Supply 1217899089
Total Supply 1500000000
Dilution Factor 0.811932726
Pct of Total Supply in Large NBNI-1 Wallets 0.536365435097984
Pct of Total Supply in Large Anon Wallets 0.718932709066532
Pct of Total Supply in Large ID Wallets 0.200183181877524

Correlation Metrics

Ethereum Correlation 0.210076937258943
Bitcoin Correlation 0.873061222904477

Twitter Metrics

Follower Count 90891
Verified Follower Pct 0.00199084212621939
Investor Follower Pct 0.0287344880217665
Avg Follower/Friend Ratio 1.43498067116823
Avg List Count 11.7359922135952